Melk Abbey Baroque Festival

01.12.2014 19:55:33

Together with Alexander Hauer, the inspirational artistic organizer, Michael Schade presented the programme for the next Baroque Festival at the Ringturm headquarters of the Vienna Insurance Group, which is the principal sponsor for the festival. This year's festival will take place in and around Melk from 22 to 25 May 2015.

The upcoming Whitsun Festival tells the story of "Un Viaggio Musicale" - of Journeys and Arrivals. The programme is made up of concerts all devoted to this topic, but approaching it from different angles. There are stories of travelling composers, of musicians and singers, of music and entire nations, and much more. And Michael Schade takes the slogan to heart, sending not just "his" programme but also his audiences on a journey by holding the performances at different locations.


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