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23.01.2015 13:39:22
© Harald Hoffmann

I am glad to report that I am able to present my new official website. It took a bit of convincing for me to have a website at all, after probably 11 years of not having one. Back then, I had decided that I would share my public persona with just the family, and have "singing" be a family business that wasn't handled through publicists. I have to admit to thinking during all this time, that if anyone needed me they could call my management.
The reason that I have slightly changed my mind is for two reasons; one is that I am now able to offer to all who wish to come and see me perform access to a proper calendar, with all my performance dates which is easy to read, and two, is that it gives me the chance to share my other passions besides singing. I am glad, via this new website, to also focus on my other ventures, such as being the Artistic Director of the Internationale Barocktage Stift Melk, to share my passion for supporting young singers along with the teaching I do for them, as well as showcasing my work as the Artistic Director of the International Stella Maris Vocal Competition. Finally, it also gives us the chance to share some of the charity work that we do. 

My father and my mother were the most supportive parents one could wish for, and since they are sadly no longer with us as of just this past May and June 2014, it is now up to us to provide a forum about the work that I do. In a way, it is a legacy to my father Hans, who would always proudly tell the world all about what I was doing. He knew every singer, conductor, stage director or Intendant whose paths I have been allowed to cross, and would know exactly when I may have done so previously! It was amazing. My mother Liesel said the sweetest words of support, love, and faith in my artistry, even on the day before she died sadly much faster than we had expected. It was her good bye, and mine came simultaneously while singing a recital in Wigmore Hall (for her). It is in her spirit that I shall try to share some of the joys and stories that come with the privilege of being a singer.

Last but not least, this is a chance for me to thank my lovely Dee and all of our children. I love them all very much, and it is fair to say, that it takes a whole village to support a life in opera, concert, and recital spanning the globe. I couldn't do it without them. I cannot put into words just how grateful I am to be allowed to love and cherish my wonderful family, and I thank them all for their love, support, and all the hard work they do in helping "the tenor" travel and perform, all while feeling so connected to home, time and time again.

This is and remains very much a family business and every date here is family approved.

We hope you may enjoy the website,
Michael Schade and Dee McKee

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